Home Schooling Resources and Wellbeing Guide


I’m normally writing about sewing and quilting, and today my thoughts turn to home-schooling as we embark on this new journey.  As a qualified Primary School Teacher, I feel like I’m better equipped than most for this phase, and I wanted to share my knowledge, resources and advice with you.

Below is a link to my FREE PDF Document called Home-Schooling Resources and Wellbeing Guide, written by me, and is up to date as of 22nd March 2020.

Download Now:  Home-Schooling Resources and Wellbeing Guide

I have included as many subject based resources as I can find, aimed at Early Years through to GCSE, but with a main focus on Primary aged children.  I also make suggestions for daily routines and wellbeing for both you and your child.

It is completely FREE and I do not expect anything in return.  My website is the most accessible place to provide this document.

Please do share it with other parents and anyone else you think might benefit from it.  Stay home, stay safe and let’s get through this.